Channel Methods was borne from a sales consulting and bridge financing company called Channel Methods Holdings, LLC. originally founded in the post dot com era of the early 2000’s.  From our past and prior experiences, we developed deep roots in enterprise, supply chain and life sciences software sales.  This diverse experience, supported our various and successful endeavors that include marketing and sales execution at a global level to domestic and multinational companies in the SMB vertical markets.



The theme of Channel Methods was derived from our founding business model of helping entrepreneurial and emerging software firms establish reseller channels and technical product companies set up two-tier distribution networks.

In 2008, Channel Methods Holdings pivoted for the first time to focus exclusively on the Life Sciences marketplace, becoming Channel Methods Partners, LLC.  We focused first on bringing new and innovative software to the marketplace, and expanding almost immediately to include the sales of research services as well.  Our team steadily grew and developed to include technical and consultative salespeople, and a carefully crafted support infrastructure of people, processes and technology.  Companies of all sizes that work from “bench to bedside” began seeking our expertise, pipeline development skills, and access to the market.

We also understood the implications of Big Data early on and began developing databases, not only of companies and contacts (which is second-to-none), but also for tracking molecules through development, social media aggregation, funding and business intelligence on both companies and individuals.  Our teams are following the latest advancements and trends in drug and device discovery, development and commercialization.  Though we have been collecting this type of data for years, we continue to be amazed at the exciting new discoveries that can help save or improve patients’ lives.

In 2016 we began another pivot, though still staying focused in the Life Sciences realm.  In addition to our traditional sales and pipeline development services, we are assembling a network of direct company advisors that are recognized leaders in their respective fields.  It is our goal to help bring new and disruptive services and technologies to the marketplace and help companies grow in an industry the truly benefits the human condition.


Our Advisors:

  • Executive who created and developed infrastructure and inside sales teams for multiple Fortune10 technology companies
  • Executive Sales Operations Executive specialized in helping technology firms in life sciences grow from the ground floor to IPO
  • Seasoned Executives specializing in training and industry trend analysis who are routinely deployed by large, global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Several other advisors available on demand and who have experience and have held leadership positions in pharmacovigilance, pharmacology, translational medicine, rare and orphan diseases and technology transfer to manufacturing

Our advisors assist us by helping us identify and deploy best practices, emerging industry trends, and industry insights that help our teams deliver truly exceptional market reach and understanding to our clients.  We view our network of advisors, many of whom share board advisory positions with us, as a further commitment to both our clients and the research community as a whole.  Our advisors provide truly unique value to our clients by giving them a competitive advantage, and more importantly, helping them meet their business objectives and company vision.

We know we are privileged to be able to help our clients bring their life changing technologies to market, because ultimately these products and services contribute to saving lives and improving the quality of life for millions of patients around the world.


Why do our clients hire us?

Our clients hire us for a myriad of reasons.  However, some of the most frequent situations are companies that are breaking into a market for the first time (either new company, product or service), companies looking to ensure stability through a merger or sales staff turnover, and companies who are looking for a FSP to increase their overall pipeline value.