Database for Life Sciences | Channel Methods Partners, LLC“Big Data” is becoming the superpower highway of computing and analysis. How does YOUR data stack up? Our organic data mainframe is rich with content and information, and real-time updates relative to the 3-dimensional universe of life sciences business development information. We can be the root that drives your growth. Ride on the fore-front of this data-wave, let us help you reach your goals. We offer the following services:

Competitive Data Analysis

Analysis of your competition landscape to better understand where your product line fits (and doesn’t) – creating an architecture where you can best position your company.

Brand Awareness Intelligence

We can perform research on your own product(s) by mining various data sources such as social media, to understand product reception and perceptions – allowing you to springboard on good trends, or mitigate on issues in real-time.

Regional Intelligence

Looking to expand your business in various locations – domestically or abroad? We can perform landscape research on a geographic region to understand the local market, competition, pricing structure, cost of goods, and existing potential partners or clients in the area – giving you valuable information which can drive your business model.

Sales performance analysis

How is your sales team performing? How do they compare to industry standard? You want your team to be the best, and The Power of Data - Channel Methods Partners, LLCbelieve they are the best – supported by strong metrics and an understanding of competition. Either with your team’s metrics (or from ours) – we can analyze performance and make strategic recommendations on how to best manage your team and sales processes.

3D Business Universe

Using our database and knowledge of the market, we can provide you with a 3D relational snapshot of companies / contacts / influencers surrounding a target high-potential client or contact. A great foundation to start building a strategic approach.

SalesForce Sub-Intel

Using a subsection of our organic sales database, you can drive your own team’s CRM at a fraction of the cost. We can also assist with strategies surrounding your goals and ultimate drive towards increased revenue.