At the heart and soul of business is how you make a sale. No sale = no success. We can help introduce your products and/or services to your desired clientele. Our knowledgeable experience in both science and sales, coupled with our talented trained staff, will enable you to be matched with the best potential clients and partners in the Life Sciences industry. We offer the following services/skills in business development:

Advanced Sales Strategies

How do you sell (or plan to sell) your product or service? We can help you strategically design an approach which works for you. Increasing sales and closing deals has been our expertise for 8+ years. We have the knowledge and competencies to help you build or refine your sales techniques and strategies to meet your sales goals.

Business Development/Pipeline Partner

Identifying quality partners to do business with is critical when it comes to sales. Channel Methods has a unique way of identifying pipeline partners for clients by utilizing our business intelligence data from our proprietary database, combined with our scientific expertise, to provide you the results you want. Using expert sales teams and our extensive database, we can help you grow a portfolio of qualified buyers for your product(s) and/or services.

Channel Methods identifies potential leads by researching market segments, companies, titles, pipelines, therapeutic areas, etc. Our curated database, expertise in the Life Science industry, KOL’s and strategic advisors, give you the best combination of resources for great leads and successfully closed deals.

Building and Managing Relationships

Relationships are key when driving sales; it’s more than just making “the deal.” Positioning your brand as being a resource of knowledge in the field or ‘consultation sales’, helps to develop lasting relationships with clients based on knowledge and trust. This increases the comfort level and familiarity of your company with the client, therefore creating the perfect rapport to do business together.

Intelligent Data Services

Looking for data services? Our proprietary database is a wealth of information at our fingertips and can be utilized in several ways:

  • Competitive Data Analysis – analysis of your competitor landscape
  • Regional Intelligence – research on a geographic region to understand the local market, competition, pricing structure, cost of goods, and existing potential partners or clients in the area
  • Sales performance analysis – either with your team’s metrics (or from ours), we can analyze performance and make strategic recommendations

Trade Show Concierge Services

Want to get your company involved with trade shows and conventions? Whether you have a booth or not, we can assist you in maximizing your ROI from the experience. We can schedule meetings for you (using a joint App), log your leads, send confirmation and thank-you messages, follow-up with leads directly, and even design and man your booth for you.

We can provide you with quick and thorough competitive market assessments which can drive positive change in your business offerings and services to your customers, increasing your attraction in the market. Better business = better bottom line. We offer the following services:

Collaboration & KOL / Strategic Advisory Groups

Need to tap into a customized group of thought leaders in your niche space? We can provide you access to a hand-picked micro-network, proven to provide insight into market positioning, as well as product design, traction, and attractiveness in the field. Collaboration and feedback tailored to your business model and product line – perhaps an upper echelon focus group in the Life Science industry.