In today’s business development culture – positive growth comes from change – but that change takes place inside your organization before that change falls into your pocket. How do you change organizational behaviors to ensure your new direction is properly implemented? How do you create a culture which embraces your new or existing business model so your staff not only ‘sells it’, but ‘believes IN it’. We can help you do that from the ground up. We offer the following services:

Internal and External CultureOrganizational Transformation

Planning an organizational remodel or restructure? Trust us, internal cultural and behavioral changes don’t happen overnight (or with an announcement and new organizational chart) – they take time and strategic planning, across all levels. We can help you plan and execute your initiative for the best internal and external levels of cultural change for your new objectives.

Sphere of Influencers

How do you best understand your internal influencers – the people who are powerful without having direct decision-making ability. These dynamics are key to understand, as you approach various roll-outs from a major visionary change to the implementation of new operating procedures. We can help you map your own internal sphere of influencers, and provide powerful insight into how to navigate their realm of influence.

Driving Grassroots Mindset Evolution

Thinking about launching a major organizational influence and want the best traction from your staff and employees? Involve them in the design – a key way to raise the level of ‘engaged’ and dynamic participation, and create internal thought leaders to help guide the paradigm shift. We can help create and implement a plan to engage key staff members, build momentum and trust, deploy initiatives in a timely and non-intrusive manner, and bring about mass change in behavior – aligned with your new business model.

Changing Organizational Behaviors

A full package of organizational change takes speed, efficiency, and quality – and balance of these elements takes experience. We can guide you through major change from the first idea on the restaurant napkin, to the last nibble of feedback after implementation and monitoring, to all of the courses in between.