Channel Methods’ Data Overview

Access to over 20 million Business World Wide detailed executive contacts between our internal primary proprietary database and secondary data sources.

Propensity tracking tools to identify the best companies and contacts to engage with depending on their preferred communication channels:

  • We can predict the timing of a company moving into “buy” mode based on the level and types of interactions in the discovery, development and/or commercialization stages.
  • We know who will answer the phone, what time of day they are most likely to respond and whether they prefer email or phone interactions
  • We know what our contacts are interested in and the types of marketing materials that are most appealing to them; Do they attend trade shows? Do they attend webinars? Do they read whitepapers?
  • Unique, proprietary Life Science industry insights driven by our continual data collection activity
  • Continued Development of technology to help break down data, driven by market response into patterns and trends that can be converted to help drive decisions
  • The world’s largest repository of Life Science Marketing Data

Our database is continuously expanded, and validated by our daily reach into the discovery, development and commercial markets, which is crowdsourced and conducted programmatically by over 50 in-house sales people, sales support and market research team members at Channel Methods.