Global Pharmacovigilance Player


  • In 2008, this client was a very small player (by revenue and client base) in the industry and were focused on the low margin generics space
  • They had operations in three global locations (US, EU and Asia), though they were known as an Indian Firm
  • The US Office hired Channel Methods in December 2008 and had three people sharing an office in Princeton, NJ
  • CMP contributed their first US-Based, branded, pharma client
  • CMP continued to help them grow and secured multiple, “big pharma”, branded players
  • Over the years, our combined growth has them billing more than $1,000,000/month and they have taken a quarter floor of an entire office building


Patient Recruiting and Retention Firm


  • Mid-Sized Advertising Firm hired Channel Methods to provide pipeline consistency while they rebranded into another company
  • Company contracted CMP for a six-month project
  • Company closed multiple opportunities and contracted more than $1,000,000 in revenue during that time


Specialized Clinical Imaging Firm


  • Very small company who was unknown in the industry, but had some key specialties and differentiators signed Channel Methods to a six-month pilot contract
  • Company had only phase I and small phase II experience
  • Company has consistently resigned contract extensions, now for close to five years
  • Channel Methods has become their FSP for inside sales
  • Company has grown from $700,000 in revenue to more than $7,000,000 in 2014, while tracking well above $10,000,000 for 2015
  • Company has expanded their service offerings
  • Company now handles global phase III trials


Fortune 500 Healthcare Company with Specialized Research Division


  • Small arm of a large healthcare company contracted Channel Methods to add bandwidth to ensure they hit their internal goals for 2015
  • In under 9 months, we have closed nearly one million in revenue
  • CMP has created tens of millions of dollars in qualified pipeline opportunities
  • CMP has also produced leads and revenue opportunistically, in business lanes outside our contract
  • Company has rewarded Channel Methods with an additional project, and is expanding their current contract and adding new contracts into those business lanes