At the heart and soul of business is how you make a sale. No sales = no success. We can help you with the sale of your products or services through our Revenue Generation process – a turnkey service which links you with the best potential clients using our organic biotech data service and our staff which is highly specialized in the life sciences – sorting through the weeds and identifying highly qualified potential partners. Our Biotech Business Development team can also build your own sales strategies and optimize your internal sales processes, and more:We offer the following services:

Advanced Sales StrategiesBusiness Development Architecture

How do you sell (or plan to sell) your product or service? We can help you strategically design an approach which works for you, whether inside your organization, or ours. Increasing Pharma sales has been our expertise for 8+ years, and the knowledge and competencies can help you as well. Don’t rebuild the wheel, we can get you rolling!

Building Sales Competencies (within your own team)

Need your sales team to perform better? Our highly-experienced Biotech Business Development staff can train your crew to better represent your value proposition. This will increase their confidence with your product line. Proven training strategies which incorporate psychological adaptation and sales techniques help to change the mindset and behaviors of your group, to further drive your sales goals.

Channel Methods Partner’s Revenue Generation Process

Identifying Quality Partners – CMP’s unique process of identifying pipeline partners for clients – Revenue Generation.  – adding expertise, relationship-building, and value to your upstream process. It’s not just “lead generation” anymore.

Our REVGen Process dials into your specific needs, utilizing our organic business intelligence data with added scientific expertise, to provide you strategic portfolio results and efficiencies.   Channel Methods Biotech Lead Generation will grow you a portfolio of qualified buyers for your unique product line. Our team will use our own live, organic, multidimensional database. We are an economically efficient external sales team dedicated to YOU.

Using our database and expertise in the life science industry, your team within Channel Methods will identify a list of potential leads (using specific desired market segments, titles, companies, therapeutic areas, etc) and begin to represent your company as primary touch points take place. Our scientific Biotech Business Development reps would be utilizing their experience in the life science industry to initiate contact, educate, nurture the relationships – and bring the prospect from a phase of discovery and learning to trying and buying In a quality controlled environment, the CMP team can integrate with YOUR team as much (or as little) as you like.

Further utilization of Channel Methods Partners’s scientific KOL’s and strategic advisors are also available – for strategic discussions, gap analysis, and branding & marketing initiatives. Output (other than pipeline of qualified leads) are weekly and strategic reports, trends, and ongoing SWOT analysis regarding industry perception of your company’s branding and products/services.

Building and Managing Relationships

Relationships are the key to driving sales – it’s not about just making ‘the deal’ anymore. A key is to position your brand as being a resource of knowledge in the field – ‘consultation sales’ if you will. Building a relationship of knowledge, trust, and connective networking to increase the comfort level and familiarity with your company. We can advise on how to accomplish this, or we can do this for you with key potential clients – a ‘specialty’ strategic deep dive into key high-potential target accounts.

Intelligent Data Services

Looking for data services? Our Business Development organic database is a wealth of information at our fingertips and can be utilized in various ways:

  • Competitive Data Analysis – analysis of your competition landscape
  • Brand Awareness Intelligence – research on your own product(s) by mining various data sources
  • Regional Intelligence – research on a geographic region to understand the local market, competition, pricing structure, cost of goods, and existing potential partners or clients in the area.
  • Sales performance analysis – either with your team’s metrics (or from ours) – we can analyze performance and make strategic recommendations
  • 3D Business Universe – using our database and knowledge of the market, we can provide you with a 3D relational snapshot of companies / contacts / influencers surrounding a target high-potential client or contact. A great foundation to start building a strategic approach.
  • SalesForce Sub-Intel – using a subsection of our database, you can drive your own team’s CRM at a fraction of the cost. We can also assist with strategies surrounding your goals and ultimate drive towards increased revenue.

Corporate “Publicist”

Knowing that brand awareness is key to building your client base, we can help you spread the word through highly respected publications. We will be acting on your behalf to establish interviews, publish articles, participate in televised business segments, and more. We can even help author your copy, and can transform scientific data and reports into marketing materials.

Trade Show Concierge Services

Want to make your life easier at Trade Shows and Conventions? Whether you have a booth or not, we can assist you in maximizing your ROI of the experience. This allows you to sit back and have those valuable discussions and not worry about logistics. Our experts can schedule meetings for you (using a joint App), log your leads, send confirmation and thank-you messages, follow-up with leads directly, and design and even man your booth for you. All while you watch the potential clients come flooding in.