Not sure if your messaging is being heard in your markets? Want help with deployment of your new or existing brand? Or want to re-create your image from the ground up? There is a certain psychology to how potential customers ‘see’ your business and it’s services – and it’s very humanistic. Let us help you tailor your messaging and branding in ways that resonate with us as humans and as life science professionals. We offer the following Branding, Messaging & Marketing services:

Corporate Image Analysis

It’s good practice to evaluate your company image on a recurring basis, to understand external perceptions across several parameters (understanding of your products, value proposition, company mindset and ethics, clarify of branding, emotional engagement with clients). We can provide you clear analyses and results on how you are viewed, areas for improvement, and possible changes to revive and relaunch your business.

Psychological & Emotional Attachment Mechanisms (“Stickiness”)

Messaging is key. Period. You have a few seconds to get someone’s attention, garnish engagement, and keep them interested enough to want to learn more. The psychology behind the human reaction is mesmerizing – we can help you understand the psychological mechanisms involved and recommend improvements to utilize the powerful emotional attraction that subliminally binds potential clients to your brand.

Invigoration of Content & Messaging

Know where you want to go with Content and Messaging, but not quite how to word it? Wordsmithing is an eclectic competency that not everyone possesses – and even the brightest leaders acknowledge that content and narrative should be created by linguistical Sherpas who navigate the various languages around the globe, to get positive engagement from each individual client. Each individual person. That’s where business happens.

Tactical Deployment of Brand

We can help you deploy your brand into the market using broad-brush Marketing strategies and nimble application – the ability to take real-time measurements on message adoption and pivot on a dime. We help to tailor your Life Sciences messaging specifically to subsets of the demographic companies you desire – whether segmentation based on target company size or business, or segmented by therapeutic area – plenty of options to “micro-brand” your messaging to efficiently gain traction within your marketplace.

Maximizing Marketing within our Social Media Culture

Today’s culture is tomorrow’s customer. Our social media environment is wildly conducive to reaching the right partners and clients, if utilized strategically. The ‘sociologic’ inclusion behaviors create opportunities in social media where exposure and traction can be maximized through special techniques. We can design this for you to glean the best positioning within the social media culture.

Nostalgic Marketing

Perhaps a blast from the past, or marketing that tugs at the heartstrings. Remember the days of hand-written business notes? Well, if you aren’t a millennial you might remember how personal those letters felt. Compared to highly-processed bulk mailings, mechanisms like these can reach people even better than years ago. We can design a “Nostalgic Campaign” (using modern technologies) to integrate good, old-fashioned approaches like this to garner increased attention from potential clients.